How to turn on Brave Ads and earn BAT with the Brave Browser

Earn money simply by surfing the internet with Brave Browser! No sign ups, and free to use.

Join Brave Rewards

After downloading Brave using the promo link (every download helps us!), open a new tab and enable Brave rewards to begin.

Brave browser now pays users with the Basic Attention Token (BAT) – which is redeemable for dollars. This tutorial will guide you through the process on how to enable Brave ads and start earning while you browse!

Go to the Rewards Settings

Turn on Ads

These Brave Ads respect user privacy 100%. No tracking is reported, and Brave will match your browsing habits from within your browser with the best content available. Each time you see a notification, you get paid!

(Optional) Adjust the Ad frequency

After you’ve enabled ads, you can adjust the frequency of the ads shown to you. The default is 2 per hour, so if you want to increase that, feel free to do so by going into the settings.

1. Click the Settings button for Ads

Ad Frequency

For the first time in history, Brave has made viewing ads something enjoyable! Let’s pump this up from 2 ads per hour all the way to 5 ads per hour!

Viewing Ads

Ok, so now that Brave ads are enabled, we just sit back, and surf the web like you’d normally do. Basically, the browser takes data like what’s in your tabs, history, etc., and tries to match you with ads that you think you’d like. All this happens inside your browser, and no user-identifying data ever leaves your browser.

The ads will come up via a system notification for your browser. As you’re browsing, you’ll see a notification come up with the title of the webpage that is trying to advertise to you.

  • On macOS, it will be a notification on the upper-right corner.
  • On Windows (PC), it will be a notification on the lower-right corner.

After you see it pop up, that’s it! You have now earned your first BAT! You can feel free to open the ad if you want to check it out, which will appear in a new tab. But after the notification appears on your screen, it will have already counted toward your earnings!

Note: Brave Shields (the Lion icon) can stay enabled while you participate in Brave ads! Brave Shields will not interfere with the ad delivery.

Confirmation of viewed ads

Go back to the Reward Settings.

  1. For every ad you view, you will have earned some BAT. This is where you will see your pending balance.
  2. This shows you how many BAT ads you’ve viewed for this period.

How do I get paid?

After BAT accrues for about 30 days, they will get paid out to each user’s BAT wallet at the end of each month. You will see a notification in the BAT icon.

1. Select the BAT icon.
2. A message will tell you that Ads earnings are available. Click Claim.

Verify You are Human

Make sure you are dragging the BAT icon to the correct shape given in the instructions.

Confirm your Payout

Select OK to continue.

Return to Reward Settings to Verify

1. Click the BAT icon.
2. Select Reward Settings

View your earnings

1. Click Grants to show all previous earnings.
2. This area will display all of your earnings from previous periods. You can see the total USD value under the wallet amount.

Withdrawing to USD

We are currently still awaiting directions from Brave on how to redeem your earned Basic Attention Token (BAT) for dollars, or other products. When this info becomes available, we’ll be sure to post it!

April 25, 2019: Brave ads currently are only available in certain regions: U.S., Canada, France, Germany, and the U.K. More geographical regions will be coming soon!

Brave Ads are now available on macOS, Windows, and Linux, and Android.

The End

That concludes this tutorial on how to set yourself up to earn some BAT using the Brave browser!

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BAT and the Brave Browser

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The Brave Browser is a user-privacy focused browser founded by Brendan Eich, the ex-CEO and co-founder of Mozilla (makers of the Firefox browser). Out-of-the-box, it blocks all trackers, popups, and 3rd party ads. Because Brave blocks everything natively, the browser loads websites faster than even Chrome, Safari, and Firefox with their adblock add-ons. 

Brave is the first native platform that will be integrated with the Basic Attention Token (BAT) economy. Users using the Brave browser will be able to accumulate BAT tokens through various means, from giveaways to earning them while browsing the web. 

We will be supplying tutorials here to help folks use the unique features of Brave, and especially the ones that show you to take advantage of using BAT within the browser!

How to claim and get free BAT with the Brave Browser

If you’ve already downloaded the new Brave Browser (support us with this download), then you’ve probably already seen how insanely fast and how effective it is at keeping your web-browsing private. But did you know that every user is also eligible to claim free BAT?

Note: Free BAT grants are given out each month and have a limited supply. If you do not see an option to claim any in Step 3, check back again next month! Or if you want to start earning, check out our tutorial on how to earn BAT by turning on Brave Ads.

This free BAT is given out by Brave from their User-Growth-Pool (UGP), which is intended for promoting the Brave platform. Thus, this free BAT cannot be withdrawn to your own wallet for personal use. And as such, this free BAT can only be used towards donating to your favorite websites, YouTubers, or Twitch streamers (more platform support coming soon). 

For iOS users, they will have to wait. BAT wallets will be coming soon!

Step 1: Open a new Tab in Brave

If you don’t have Brave yet, consider supporting us by downloading it here with our promo link! 

Open a new tab to start your Brave new adventure!

Step 2: Opt-in to Rewards

1) Click the BAT icon.
2) Select Join Rewards.

Step 3: Acknowledge Token Grant

After you select Join Rewards, the popup will dismiss. You’ll need to reopen the BAT notification window to acknowledge it.

Please be aware that these free BAT grants have a limited supply. If you do not see this notification, that means the supply for the month has run out. So be sure to check it again next month!

But if you want to start earning, check out our tutorial on how to earn BAT by turning on Brave Ads.

1) Click the BAT icon.
2) Select OK.

Step 4: Claim the Grant in the Reward Settings

These steps seemed a bit redundant, but don’t worry. We’re almost there!

1) Click the BAT icon.
2) Select Reward Settings.

Step 5: Initiate the Claim

1) Select CLAIM.

Step 6: Prove that you’re a human

1) Click and hold down on the BAT logo.
2) Drag and drop it to the color triangle in the instructions.
Note: Sometimes, it will ask you to drag the logo to a different color triangle. Make sure you drag it to the right one!

Step 7: Token Grant Received

1) This is where your Token Grant confirmation will appear.

Step 8: View BAT tokens in your Brave wallet

After you’ve claimed your token grant, you can open up your Brave wallet to see your BAT balance at any time!

1) Click the BAT logo.
2) Observe your BAT balance.

The End

And that’s it! Congratulations on receiving your very first BAT tokens inside your Brave browser! As the Brave platform develops, there will likely be many websites and partners that will accept BAT as payment for products and services. In the mean time, feel free to use your BAT to tip your favorite websites!

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Last updated on April 25, 2019

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