How to turn on Brave Ads and earn BAT with the Brave Browser

Earn money simply by surfing the internet with Brave Browser! No sign ups, and free to use.

Join Brave Rewards

After downloading Brave using the promo link (every download helps us!), open a new tab and enable Brave rewards to begin.

Brave browser now pays users with the Basic Attention Token (BAT) – which is redeemable for dollars. This tutorial will guide you through the process on how to enable Brave ads and start earning while you browse!

Go to the Rewards Settings

Turn on Ads

These Brave Ads respect user privacy 100%. No tracking is reported, and Brave will match your browsing habits from within your browser with the best content available. Each time you see a notification, you get paid!

(Optional) Adjust the Ad frequency

After you’ve enabled ads, you can adjust the frequency of the ads shown to you. The default is 2 per hour, so if you want to increase that, feel free to do so by going into the settings.

1. Click the Settings button for Ads

Ad Frequency

For the first time in history, Brave has made viewing ads something enjoyable! Let’s pump this up from 2 ads per hour all the way to 5 ads per hour!

Viewing Ads

Ok, so now that Brave ads are enabled, we just sit back, and surf the web like you’d normally do. Basically, the browser takes data like what’s in your tabs, history, etc., and tries to match you with ads that you think you’d like. All this happens inside your browser, and no user-identifying data ever leaves your browser.

The ads will come up via a system notification for your browser. As you’re browsing, you’ll see a notification come up with the title of the webpage that is trying to advertise to you.

  • On macOS, it will be a notification on the upper-right corner.
  • On Windows (PC), it will be a notification on the lower-right corner.

After you see it pop up, that’s it! You have now earned your first BAT! You can feel free to open the ad if you want to check it out, which will appear in a new tab. But after the notification appears on your screen, it will have already counted toward your earnings!

Note: Brave Shields (the Lion icon) can stay enabled while you participate in Brave ads! Brave Shields will not interfere with the ad delivery.

Confirmation of viewed ads

Go back to the Reward Settings.

  1. For every ad you view, you will have earned some BAT. This is where you will see your pending balance.
  2. This shows you how many BAT ads you’ve viewed for this period.

How do I get paid?

After BAT accrues for about 30 days, they will get paid out to each user’s BAT wallet at the end of each month. You will see a notification in the BAT icon.

1. Select the BAT icon.
2. A message will tell you that Ads earnings are available. Click Claim.

Verify You are Human

Make sure you are dragging the BAT icon to the correct shape given in the instructions.

Confirm your Payout

Select OK to continue.

Return to Reward Settings to Verify

1. Click the BAT icon.
2. Select Reward Settings

View your earnings

1. Click Grants to show all previous earnings.
2. This area will display all of your earnings from previous periods. You can see the total USD value under the wallet amount.

Withdrawing to USD

We are currently still awaiting directions from Brave on how to redeem your earned Basic Attention Token (BAT) for dollars, or other products. When this info becomes available, we’ll be sure to post it!

April 25, 2019: Brave ads currently are only available in certain regions: U.S., Canada, France, Germany, and the U.K. More geographical regions will be coming soon!

Brave Ads are now available on macOS, Windows, and Linux, and Android.

The End

That concludes this tutorial on how to set yourself up to earn some BAT using the Brave browser!

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How to Tip a Website using Brave/BAT

If you’re using the new Brave Browser (support us with this download), you can now instantly tip a website if you have BAT tokens loaded up in your wallet. Websites verified with Brave that are tipped are usually notified of your donations within a few days. For sites that don’t know about Brave yet, any BAT donated to them are held in an account for them to claim whenever they reach a threshold of $10 USD (I verified this amount with official BAT team members during Telegram chat sessions).¬†

If you’re a new Brave user and don’t have BAT yet, don’t worry! Check out our tutorial on how to claim some free BAT tokens!

Step 1: Open a website using Brave

Make sure it’s an awesome website you want to donate to, like! You know, just as an example ūüėĄūüėĄūüėĄ

Step 2: Open your Brave wallet to send a tip!

Make sure your Brave wallet is already loaded up with some BAT tokens! If you’re a new Brave user, you should be able to claim some tokens for free! Check out that tutorial here.

1) Click on the BAT icon.
2) Select Send a Tip.

Step 3: Select donation amount, send the tip!

You can tip frugally, or generously! But hey, a tip’s a tip!

1) Select the Tip amount.
2) Click Send My Tip.

Tip Confirmation

When you see a Thank You confirmation banner, your tip has been sent! 

Some sites will have a customized banner. I just haven’t gotten around to making mine yet…ūüėÖ

Brave Wallet Balance Delay

If you immediately open up your Brave wallet to check your balance, you may see that the balance didn’t update to reflect the tip. This is normal. The tips are handled and settled by Brave on the backend for fraud prevention. As long as you saw the Thank You banner, your tip will have registered! Just wait a bit and check back later!

You can see the BAT balance didn’t change after sending the tip. Don’t worry, as long as you see the Thank You banner, it went through! Let’s wait a few days and come back to it!

A Couple Days Later…

Voila! After waiting just a couple days and checking back, we can see that our wallet had 5 BAT deducted, which is the same amount that we tipped. 

It’s a good thing we didn’t double-tip! Now let’s use the rest of our funds for some other sites!


Brave is creating an incredible new ecosystem that allows users to contribute back to content creators. Website-tipping is just the start of what you’ll be able to do with BAT while surfing the web using Brave! 

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How to claim and get free BAT with the Brave Browser

If you’ve already downloaded the new Brave Browser (support us with this download), then you’ve probably already seen how insanely fast and how effective it is at keeping your web-browsing private. But did you know that every user is also eligible to claim free BAT?

Note: Free BAT grants are given out each month and have a limited supply. If you do not see an option to claim any in Step 3, check back again next month! Or if you want to start earning, check out our tutorial on how to earn BAT by turning on Brave Ads.

This free BAT is given out by Brave from their User-Growth-Pool (UGP), which is intended for promoting the Brave platform. Thus, this free BAT cannot be withdrawn to your own wallet for personal use. And as such, this free BAT can only be used towards donating to your favorite websites, YouTubers, or Twitch streamers (more platform support coming soon). 

For iOS users, they will have to wait. BAT wallets will be coming soon!

Step 1: Open a new Tab in Brave

If you don’t have Brave yet, consider supporting us by downloading it here with our promo link! 

Open a new tab to start your Brave new adventure!

Step 2: Opt-in to Rewards

1) Click the BAT icon.
2) Select Join Rewards.

Step 3: Acknowledge Token Grant

After you select Join Rewards, the popup will dismiss. You’ll need to reopen the BAT notification window to acknowledge it.

Please be aware that these free BAT grants have a limited supply. If you do not see this notification, that means the supply for the month has run out. So be sure to check it again next month!

But if you want to start earning, check out our tutorial on how to earn BAT by turning on Brave Ads.

1) Click the BAT icon.
2) Select OK.

Step 4: Claim the Grant in the Reward Settings

These steps seemed a bit redundant, but don’t worry. We’re almost there!

1) Click the BAT icon.
2) Select Reward Settings.

Step 5: Initiate the Claim

1) Select CLAIM.

Step 6: Prove that you’re a human

1) Click and hold down on the BAT logo.
2) Drag and drop it to the color triangle in the instructions.
Note: Sometimes, it will ask you to drag the logo to a different color triangle. Make sure you drag it to the right one!

Step 7: Token Grant Received

1) This is where your Token Grant confirmation will appear.

Step 8: View BAT tokens in your Brave wallet

After you’ve claimed your token grant, you can open up your Brave wallet to see your BAT balance at any time!

1) Click the BAT logo.
2) Observe your BAT balance.

The End

And that’s it! Congratulations on receiving your very first BAT tokens inside your Brave browser! As the Brave platform develops, there will likely be many websites and partners that will accept BAT as payment for products and services. In the mean time, feel free to use your BAT to tip your favorite websites!

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Tutorial – Purchasing BAT through Coinbase and Binance.

Today we’re going to walk through how to acquire some BAT through USD with absolutely no prior history or setup with crypto! What we are trying to do in this tutorial is simple:

  • Buy Ethereum from Coinbase with USD (or an equivalent fiat exchange)
  • Send Ethereum from Coinbase to Binance
  • Trade Ethereum for BAT on Binance

Prerequisites – Coinbase and Binance Accounts

For this tutorial we’re going to need create an account with both Coinbase and Binance. Coinbase is a US crypto-fiat exchange¬†basically, this is your first entry point into the crypto space if you are holding US dollars. Binance¬†is an¬†altcoin exchange – this is where you can acquire many crypto currencies such as BAT.

  1. Create an account with Coinbase (referral link) (for US Customers only. If you are in another country, go ahead and register with a crypto-fiat exchange in your region.)
  2. After registering, you will need to acquire Ethereum or Bitcoin by purchasing with a credit card or through a bank transfer. (Note: It is highly-recommended that you purchase Ethereum instead of Bitcoin due to high fees and long transaction times on the Bitcoin network)
  3. Next, create an account with Binance (referral link) – 12793030

This tutorial will not cover these steps – We will assume that you have already created accounts with these two exchanges, and have already acquired Ethereum on Coinbase (or an equivalent fiat exchange). If buying from Coinbase, it could take 7-10 business days before Ethereum shows up in your account after the time of purchase!

If you would like to support us, please use the referral links above when creating your account! : )

Binance – Deposit Ethereum

Before going further, you should have already completed steps 1-3 above. Ethereum should have been acquired in your Coinbase account, which could possibly take around 7-10 business days from your time of purchase. You will need to see the Ethereum in your account before going further.


  1. Log into Binance, and select Funds > Deposits Withdrawals

Deposits & Withdrawals on Binance

On this screen, you should see many, many altcoins available for depositing and withdrawal. We’re going to search for Ethereum so we can deposit it from our Coinbase account.


  1. Type “eth” in the search bar to filter the coins by keywords. (We’re looking for “ethereum” here)
  2. Find ETH / Ethereum in the list of filtered coins.
    (Do NOT get this confused with ETC/Ethereum Classic)
  3. Click Deposit in the row corresponding to ETH / Ethereum.

Getting ETH Deposit Address

After clicking Deposit, Binance should have provided you with an address in which to deposit your account with Ethereum.


  1. Copy this address. This is where you will send Ethereum to from your Coinbase account.

Coinbase – Sign In

By this point of the tutorial, you should have already created an account with Coinbase, and also purchased some Ethereum. Please do so if you haven’t already. Note that it may take 7-10 business days for your Ethereum to arrive after time of purchase, either with a credit card or a bank transfer.


  1. Go to, and select Sign In

Coinbase – Dashboard


  1. On the Dashboard screen, select Accounts

Coinbase – Sending ETH

By this point, you should have already purchased some Ethereum. Scroll down to find your ETH wallet on the left side.


  1. Click Send from your ETH Wallet.

Coinbase – Insert Address and Amount

If you remember from a few steps back, we found the Deposit Address from our ETH wallet over at our Binance account. Insert that address into the Recipient section, and fill out the rest of the form.


  1. Insert the Address that we found from the last part from our Binance ETH wallet.
  2. Enter the Amount of ETH that you wish to send.
  3. Click to continue.

Coinbase – Finally, Send it!

You should now see a confirmation dialog. If you have 2-factor authentication enabled, you may have to enter your security code (either sent to your phone or from your Google Authenticator app).


  1. Enter your 2-step Verification code, either sent via SMS (text message), or from your Google Auth app.
  2. Click Confirm to send ETH funds to your Binance account.

Binance – Check the Transaction

After initiating the ETH transfer from Coinbase, we can go into Binance to monitor the transaction and receipt of funds.


  1. Select Funds > History

Binance – Deposit History/Status

Here, we can see the progress of our latest deposit into our Binance ETH account.


  1. The latest deposit shows how many Confirmations must be made on the ETH network before we can use our funds. For Binance, it usually takes 30 confirmations for ETH and other Ethereum Tokens. If transferring from Coinbase, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to finish.
  2. When 30/30 Confirmations are reached, select Exchange > Advanced

Note: I’m not sure what the difference between Advanced and Basic is. They both seem to have the same interface options, but different layouts. I personally like Advanced better,¬† because it is black (whereas Basic has a white background).

Binance – Finding BAT

Once we’re at the Exchange page, we need to look for BAT to buy some!


  1. Select the Coin-Pair dropdown. This may be a different pair than what you see on this tutorial, such as IOTA/BTC, REP/ETH, etc. Look for the dropdown to bring down the next menu.

Binance – Finding ETH Trading pairs

You can trade using several currencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), or Tether (USDT). We want to look for the Ethereum market.


  1. Select ETH to bring up the Ethereum market.

Binance – Finding BAT Continued

After selecting the Ethereum market, we then need to find the BAT token to buy it.


  1. Enter¬†“bat” into the Search Box¬†to filter coins to bring up the¬†BAT/ETH pair.
  2. Click BAT/ETH to bring up the BAT market.

Binance – Buying BAT with ETH

Ok whoa. There’s a LOT going on here! If you’re not familiar with stocks and how to make orders, hopefully this will clear some things up! Don’t worry, it’s really simple once you get it!


  1. This is the ETH¬†Price of each order of BAT that is on the market. This long decimal, 0.00046680 is the Ethereum price¬†per BAT.¬†I won’t go too much into it, but just know that¬†higher¬†number means more expensive, lower number means cheaper.
  2. This is the Amount of BAT that is for sale for that order at that given price.
  3. Enter the ETH Price you are willing to pay for an order of BAT. What you can do is look at the orders in Pink that are available. If one order has the Amount that you want to buy, click on the Price (in section 1.) and it will automatically fill your Price number here.
  4. Enter the Amount of BAT that you want to buy. Click inside the box, and the site will tell you what the maximum amount of BAT you can buy is, according to the price you set in 3.
  5. This shows the Total cost in ETH that you will be spending for your order.
  6. Click Buy to place your order. It will immediately fill if people are selling for the price you entered.
  7. If the order you made had too low of a price, and nobody was selling at the time, your order will remain Open in this area until it is filled. You can cancel an Open order it at any time to retrieve your funds and repost an order for a higher price, if you wish.

Binance – Accessing your BAT

Congratulations! You made your first order on Binance! Now let’s see where we can access that juicy BAT we just bought!


  1. Click Account to leave the Exchange.

Binance – Back to Deposits and Withdrawals

From your Account page, navigate back to the Deposits and Withdrawals page.


  1. Select Funds > Deposits Withdrawals

Binance – Find your BAT

Similar to the same way we found Ethereum when depositing, we’ll search for BAT in order to withdraw it.


  1. Type “bat” into the Search Box¬†to filter coins by name.
  2. Look for the BAT token.
  3. Select Withdrawal corresponding to the BAT token.

Binance – Gimme my BAT!

Generally, you’ll hear people say to never leave your funds on an exchange for a prolonged period of time. If you’re doing a lot of trading (selling/buying), feel free to leave your BAT, ETH, and any other coins on the exchange. If you want to be safe and hold it in your own wallet, you can withdraw it to your MEW wallet.

If you don’t have experience with managing your own ETH wallets using MyEtherWallet (MEW), no worries! We have tutorials for that:


  1. Enter a name for your new withdrawal address. This can be anything.
  2. Enter the¬†Public Address of the wallet you wish to withdraw to. Be careful to DOUBLE CHECK to make sure it’s correct!!!¬†(Always copy+paste, never hand-type!)
  3. Enter the Amount of BAT you wish to withdraw.
  4. Click Submit. (Note that Binance has a withdrawal fee for each token. That fee is usually equivalent to $1.00-$3.00 depending on the coin. It may not be cost-effective to withdraw small amounts at a time!)

Mission Complete!


  1. If you have 2-factor authentication activated, you will need to input your code here.
  2. Click Submit to withdraw your BAT! (Note that depending on the withdraw amount, Binance may require additional steps, such as approving the withdrawal through an email confirmation).


Wow, you did it!! If you made it through the entire process, do leave a comment! Haha. Getting crypto is definitely not easy, and acquiring an altcoin like BAT (as opposed to Ethereum) is even less easy! However, for those who can figure it out, it may just pay off big time in the future!

To recap:

  1. We created an account on Coinbase to purchase Ethereum with USD. (Ethereum is preferred over Bitcoin because it is cheaper and faster to transact).
  2. We created an account on Binance so that we can trade Ethereum for BAT.
  3. We went to Binance to find our ETH deposit address.
  4. We sent the ETH from Coinbase to Binance’s ETH wallet.
  5. We went to Binance’s Exchange and looked for the ETH-BAT trading pair.
  6. We proceeded to make an order for BAT based on the amount of ETH we had.
  7. (Optional) We then withdrew the BAT into our own MEW wallet.

Also coming soon, we’ll have a tutorial on how to obtain BAT through Shapeshift! Shapeshift is an exchange that doesn’t require signups. The fees are a little bit heftier, but the service is very easy to use! This DOES require your own MEW wallet. And you will still need to acquire Ethereum from Coinbase first. We’ll have the tutorial linked here when it’s ready!

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Tutorial – How to Send your BAT/ETH using MyEtherWallet (MEW) – Part 2/2

Previously, in part 1 we learned how to create an ETH/BAT wallet using MyEtherWallet (MEW). In this tutorial, we will learn how to spend funds from your MEW wallet!

Go to

Head over to (remember to type this into the address bar and not use any external links for crypto-safety best practices!)


Click on the dimmed background to dismiss the menu.

Send Ether & Tokens


  1. Click Send Ether & Tokens.

Opening wallet with Keystore

As we discussed in the previous tutorial, we should always be opening with the Keystore file and not the Private Key to protect ourselves against key loggers.


  1. Select Keystore / JSON File

Enter your Keystore credentials

Load your Keystore file from your computer, and enter the password. Remember to always have the Keystore file saved/backed up somewhere!


  1. Click¬†Select Wallet File…¬†and browse from your computer. Look for the¬†Keystore¬†file that you created for this wallet.
  2. Enter your password. (The password textbox will appear once the Keystore is loaded.)
  3. Click Unlock.

Sending Ethereum

Once you have unlocked your wallet, you will see things like your public address (on the right side under Account Address), and your ETH account balance. Since MEW is an Ethereum wallet by default, it will only load your ETH balance on start. If you have BAT or any other tokens, you have to click “Load Tokens” to be able to access them.


  1. Insert the Address where you want to send your funds.
  2. Input the amount of ETH that you want to send.
  3. To access other tokens in your wallet, like BAT, click Load Tokens. (Wait a few seconds for them to load. If you want to just send Ethereum, go ahead and skip to Setting the Gas Price.)

Sending ERC20 Tokens, such as BAT

After clicking the orange Load Tokens button, select the token in your wallet you wish to send. And remember to adjust the Amount that you want to send!


  1. Click the ETH dropdown, and select the ERC20 token. In this case, we will select the BAT in our wallet.
  2. Enter the amount of BAT to send.

Note: After selecting a new Token, the Gas Limit area underneath will automatically change. It is best to not touch this, but instead set the Gas Price in the next section.

Setting the Gas Price

The Gas Price¬†for a transaction is basically the cost to send your funds. Gas is always paid in ETH. Regardless of whether you’re sending ETH or BAT to another person, you will always need ETH to pay for the transaction! So make sure you always have some ETH in your wallet! (About 0.01 ETH or more should do it)

Setting a higher gas price to pay will result in a faster transaction time. We want to look up how busy the Ethereum network is currently, so we’ll visit the Eth Gas Station¬†site to see what price we should set.


  1. Click that¬†tiny¬†URL in the upper right corner that says¬†Eth Gas Station. (We’ll use this page to find out how busy it is, and we’ll set our gas prices accordingly. For reference, transactions cost anywhere from $0.01 to $0.50, depending on the ETH network and how fast you want it to go.)

Finding the Best Gas Price

Once we’re at the Eth Gas Station, we want to look at recommended gas prices and transaction times. The useful part is in the lower-right corner.


  1. We can see that:
    • Gas Price of 10 gwei will result in transactions up to 60 mins
    • Gas Price of 23 gwei will result in transactions up to 5 mins
    • Gas Price of 40 gwei will result in transactions up to 2 mins

Setting the Gas Price Continued…

After looking at the prices for transaction times, I decide I want to go with the quickest option. I’m trying to trade some crypto, and time is money!


  1. Select the Gas Price dropdown button.
  2. Move the circle button to set the Gas Price to about 41 gwei, to ensure that we get a transaction through in 2 minutes or less! (This is usually about $0.30 or so)
  3. Click Generate Transaction to send our BAT!

Send Transaction!


  1. Click Send Transaction.

Confirm and Send!

Review everything to make sure it’s correct!

  • Double check the¬†To: Address to make sure you’re sending to the right person. Always copy+paste this!
  • Make sure you’re sending the right Coin. In this case, we’re sending BAT.
  • The Gas Limit was generated automatically.
  • The Gas Price is what we set based on the network congestion and how fast we wanted our transaction to go through.


  1. Click Yes, I am Sure! and send away!

Once sent, you will see a Transaction ID provided. Copy that ID and head on over to and paste it into the search bar to follow it!


In this tutorial, we learned how to send funds from our MEW wallet. To recap:

  • We opened our wallet using our¬†Keystore¬†file and¬†password¬†(I do NOT recommend opening wallets using your¬†Private Key since it is susceptible to key loggers.)
  • Set the amount of ETH we wanted to send.
  • Optionally, we were able to send other Ethereum Tokens, such as BAT that was in our wallet already.
  • We looked up the network congestion using the¬†Eth Gas Station¬†link provided by MEW.
  • We set a¬†Gas Price¬†based on the network congestion and how fast we wanted our transaction to go through.
  • And finally, we clicked a few more buttons to send our funds!

Congratulations, you now have all the tools to receive and send Ethereum and ERC20 tokens!

Once again, always try to protect your¬†Keystore¬†file,¬†password, and¬†Private Key!¬†The Keystore file isn’t as dangerous to leave open as long as it was created with a strong password, but your Private Key absolutely needs to be concealed and protected.¬†

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