How to turn on Brave Ads and earn BAT with the Brave Browser

Brave has finally launched their user-private advertising platform with Brave ads. Users can now earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) by opting in to view user-private ads while browsing with the Brave browser.

This tutorial will guide you through the process on how to enable Brave ads.

April 25, 2019: Brave ads currently are only available in certain regions:  U.S., Canada, France, Germany, and the U.K. The team says they will be made available to more geographies soon.

Ads are currently only available on desktop browsers, such as macOS, Windows, and Linux. Mobile should be coming soon.

Join Brave Rewards

If you haven’t downloaded Brave yet, consider supporting us by downloading it using our promo link! Otherwise, simply open a new tab and enable Brave rewards to begin.

Go to the Rewards Settings

Turn on Ads

(Optional) Adjust the Ad frequency

After you’ve enabled ads, you can adjust the frequency of the ads shown to you. The default is 2 per hour, so if you want to increase that, feel free to do so by going into the settings.

1. Click the Settings button for Ads

Ad Frequency

For the first time in history, Brave has made viewing ads something enjoyable! Let’s pump this up from 2 ads per hour all the way to 5 ads per hour!

Viewing Ads

Ok, so now that Brave ads are enabled, we just sit back, and surf the web like you’d normally do. Basically, the browser takes data like what’s in your tabs, history, etc., and tries to match you with ads that you think you’d like. All this happens inside your browser, and no user-identifying data ever leaves your browser.

The ads will come up via a system notification for your browser. As you’re browsing, you’ll see a notification come up with the title of the webpage that is trying to advertise to you.

  • On macOS, it will be a notification on the upper-right corner.
  • On Windows (PC), it will be a notification on the lower-right corner.

After you see it pop up, that’s it! You have now earned your first BAT! You can feel free to open the ad if you want to check it out, which will appear in a new tab. But after the notification appears on your screen, it will have already counted toward your earnings!

Note: Brave Shields (the Lion icon) can stay enabled while you participate in Brave ads! Brave Shields will not interfere with the ad delivery.

Confirmation of viewed ads

Go back to the Reward Settings.

  1. For every ad you view, you will have earned some BAT. This is where you will see your pending balance.
  2. This shows you how many BAT ads you’ve viewed for this period.

How do I get paid?

After BAT accrues, they will get paid out to each user’s BAT wallet at the end of each month. Currently, we are still waiting for the Brave team to provide guidance on how to withdraw, spend, or redeem your BAT for products.

Once this info is out, I will be sure to add to this tutorial to show you guys what to do!

The End

That concludes this tutorial on how to set yourself up to earn some BAT using the Brave browser!

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  1. From what I understand, this is only on the desktop version. The option to turn on ads in the mobile app is not available. Though the Brave Rewards program itself Is live on mobile app. Anyone know when that will change?

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