How to Tip a Website using Brave/BAT

If you’re using the new Brave Browser (support us with this download), you can now instantly tip a website if you have BAT tokens loaded up in your wallet. Websites verified with Brave that are tipped are usually notified of your donations within a few days. For sites that don’t know about Brave yet, any BAT donated to them are held in an account for them to claim whenever they reach a threshold of $10 USD (I verified this amount with official BAT team members during Telegram chat sessions). 

If you’re a new Brave user and don’t have BAT yet, don’t worry! Check out our tutorial on how to claim some free BAT tokens!

Step 1: Open a website using Brave

Make sure it’s an awesome website you want to donate to, like! You know, just as an example 😄😄😄

Step 2: Open your Brave wallet to send a tip!

Make sure your Brave wallet is already loaded up with some BAT tokens! If you’re a new Brave user, you should be able to claim some tokens for free! Check out that tutorial here.

1) Click on the BAT icon.
2) Select Send a Tip.

Step 3: Select donation amount, send the tip!

You can tip frugally, or generously! But hey, a tip’s a tip!

1) Select the Tip amount.
2) Click Send My Tip.

Tip Confirmation

When you see a Thank You confirmation banner, your tip has been sent! 

Some sites will have a customized banner. I just haven’t gotten around to making mine yet…😅

Brave Wallet Balance Delay

If you immediately open up your Brave wallet to check your balance, you may see that the balance didn’t update to reflect the tip. This is normal. The tips are handled and settled by Brave on the backend for fraud prevention. As long as you saw the Thank You banner, your tip will have registered! Just wait a bit and check back later!

You can see the BAT balance didn’t change after sending the tip. Don’t worry, as long as you see the Thank You banner, it went through! Let’s wait a few days and come back to it!

A Couple Days Later…

Voila! After waiting just a couple days and checking back, we can see that our wallet had 5 BAT deducted, which is the same amount that we tipped. 

It’s a good thing we didn’t double-tip! Now let’s use the rest of our funds for some other sites!


Brave is creating an incredible new ecosystem that allows users to contribute back to content creators. Website-tipping is just the start of what you’ll be able to do with BAT while surfing the web using Brave! 

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