So I bought some BAT. How can I help?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you understand the revolutionary implications of Brave/BAT. And perhaps you’ve put your money where your mouth is already invested a little money in BAT.

So you might ask yourself, what can I do to help to promote the cause, the community, to set up BAT for success so that I can become a crypto millionaire? 

Simple. Do this One Simple Thing: Tell people about Brave.

Last week, my computer died. I brought it in to a local repair shop to get it checked out. As I was chatting with the repair guy, I ended up mentioning crypto and briefly mentioned BAT. Even though the person I was talking to was a tech-repair guy, the idea of crypto was still scary to him.

But I told him about what made BAT different, and mentioned the Brave browser. I said to him, this browser blocks everything. Ads, trackers, all bad junk by default. And it’s fast, really fast. So as a tech guy, browsers was something he understood and was interested in. “And it’s fast huh? That sounds pretty cool.” He immediately pulled up the Brave site and read it, and downloaded it in under 30 seconds.

Today, I stopped by to pick up my computer, and he said to me, “So over the weekend, I downloaded Brave on all my computers, the work computers, and I got all of my friends to get it too.”

Why mention Brave?

Being that BAT is a crypto currency can be pretty scary for everyday people to think about (even tech-savvy people who aren’t in the crypto space).

And it does not help that BAT requires users to understand things about online advertising, suffering publishers, and privacy-invaded users all at the same time. Honestly, these are things that people couldn’t care less about!

Let’s look at the advantages of discussing a browser vs a crypto currency:

  • It’s easier to understand (everyone knows what a browser is)
  • It’s easier to participate in (everyone has downloaded a browser before)
  • There is little to no risk (much cheaper to download a browser than to buy $100 of BAT)
  • Sets up BAT for success by growing the user count (in the end, all Advertisers want is to sell to people. Lots of people.)

BAT’s Long Term Success

The success of the BAT ecosystem depends on the 3-way chicken-egg-farmer problem between the users, publishers, and advertisers. The main driving force of BAT’s price will be Advertisers injecting advertising dollars into the ecosystem. So by increasing Brave’s user count, the platform’s success can almost be guaranteed, since Advertisers’ ultimate goal is to sell a lot of things to a lot of people.

Instead of telling people about the next crypto currency that will change everything, tell them about the next browser that will change everything.

So what can I mention to get my buddy and my entire family to download Brave? 

  • It blocks ads, popups, everything by default
  • It prevents malicious scripts from being executed, making it the safest browser ever (just say this word-for-word and they’ll have to get it, even if they don’t understand it!)
  • It is fast. Really fast. Yes, even faster than Chrome! (I don’t know if this is really true for every site, but it’s probably true enough)
  • Show them your computer’s Ads Blocked, Trackers Blocked statistics when opening a new tab
  • And if they are super computer-illiterate, just download Brave for them! (and make it their default browser)

Good luck brave investor!

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Disclaimer: Do not take anything on this website as investment advice. Due to the high risk and volatility of BAT and other crypto currencies, we do not recommend investing any amount of money in BAT or any crypto currency. However, we do recommend that you download BRAVE, because it’s awesome and you and everyone you know should use it.

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