Where’s the BAT Cave?

I’m sure by now you’re convinced that BAT is going to be the next sliced bread. So where do all the BAT folks hang out at? Where’s the BAT Cave??


BAT team’s official Reddit sub is /r/BATProject. The team periodically releases official news here, and the rest of the time they are quite active responding to the community. Currently they have around 6000 subscribers and growing daily. If you have any general questions about BAT, whether it be about the team, the roadmap, or even its price/worth, this is the place to ask!

Rocket Chat

If you’re looking for something a little more interactive, check out their official chat outlet, BasicAttentionToken.rocket.chat! Here you’ll find a discussion channel dedicated to BAT’s price and market movements, and some other chat channels for general discussion and anything BAT related.

The BAT team here is also quite active, as they respond to users regularly. Many of the team members here are also the very ones communicating in the Reddit sub. In general, they are quite relaxed and do not moderate too heavily.


This Brave website, – community.brave.com – is a place for users to report on bugs in the Brave browser. While the Brave browser is quite fast and blocks ads quite well, isn’t perfect. It has its fair share of glitches, sometimes on Windows, sometimes on Mac, and sometimes on mobile phones.

If you ever come across something major (or minor), feel free to create an account on the site and report what you find! (But be sure to make sure it wasn’t already reported in the Search function!) Official Brave developers are always active there and address almost every submitted report.

If you haven’t already, feel free to stop by any of these outlets and say hello!


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