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What can BAT do for YOU?

Users will be able to monetize their own attention without giving away any private data. It means that you’ll get free money for surfing the web! Since BAT is a utility token (built on blockchain technology, like Bitcoin and Ethereum), you’ll be able to start accumulating money with absolutely NO signups (banking, Paypal, or otherwise).

Publishers will be paid for the content they are providing. If you own a website, you’re going to be paid automatically from users (participating in the BAT ecosystem). Since value is transacted through a utility token (using blockchain tech), users will be contributing automatically via the Brave browser without signups or subscriptions.

  • How does the BAT ecosystem work? (coming soon)
  • 3 Ways to get paid through BAT (coming soon)
  • Where can I find a list of participating publishers? (coming soon)

Advertisers can finally be sure they are getting exactly what they pay for. The BAT ecosystem aims to deliver the most accurate, high-value, user-safe ads that money can buy. Since the ecosystem is built using blockchain technology, the blackbox system of ad mediators is removed, and advertisers can have full confidence in the accuracy and effectiveness of their campaign. 

  • Advertising in the BAT ecosystem vs the current system (coming soon)
  • Millions of Users (coming soon)
  • How do I advertise? (coming soon)